Move-Out Procedures

Dear Departing Residents,
As your move-out date approaches, Westside Village would like to take this opportunity to thank you for renting from us over the past year.  In addition, we are providing you with this move-out guide/checklist for move-out procedures. Please read this entire packet carefully which provides you with very detailed and helpful information. This is how you get a security deposit refund!
Westside Village prefers to return your entire security deposit. Use this information to your advantage so that you can receive your full security deposit back. Encountering apartments with damages, that are not properly cleaned, or that have personal belongings left behind will result in charges against your security deposit.
In some circumstances, charges can also exceed the security deposit amount resulting in additional money that will be owed to Westside Village. By following these move-out guide instructions/procedures, you can leave your unit in the best possible condition. Leaving your apartment as outlined per the instructions in this move-out guide will save all parties involved time and money. This packet includes the following information for your reference:
  1. Damaged Item Cost Sheet – In the event that anything was damaged in your apartment during the lease period, this list provides an estimated cost for replacement. Please note that these costs do not include sales tax and are only estimated costs, which may therefore vary depending on the nature and extent of the damage.
  2. Security Deposit Check Return Form – As per your lease agreement you are required to submit a forwarding address so that we can return your security deposit check in a timely manner. This form can also be used to get separate checks rather than one group check. This form is specifically for Westside Village use and has nothing to do with the US Postal Service or the forwarding of your mail after move out. Please read this very carefully. This form must be returned to the Westside Village leasing office two weeks prior to move-out.
  3. Cleaning Cost Sheet/Cleaning Guide – In the event that your apartment has not been cleaned and/or was not cleaned properly at move out, we will have the apartment cleaned and you will be charged accordingly. This cost sheet represents estimated costs that you can expect to be charged for cleaning, which may therefore vary depending on the nature and extent of the work required to address any cleaning deficiencies. If you hire a professional cleaning company to clean your apartment, please provide them with the cleaning guide for their reference and submit a copy of the cleaning receipt to the leasing office, that way if there is an issue we can contact the company directly.
Please note that the lease end date is August 3, 2020 at 12:00 noon. At that time all keys and a professional carpet cleaning receipt must be turned into the office. If you are using a professional cleaning company, painting contractor, maintenance/handyman contractor, etc., please submit a copy of your receipt and description of work performed. If there is an issue, we can contact the company directly.
We invite you to be present for your move out inspection. If you would like to be present during the inspection, it must be done prior to the lease end date. It will be by appointment only and available only if you pre-arrange to be present prior to the lease.  Should you fail to notify the office of your desire to be present, you may lose the opportunity to do so. Please contact the office to make arrangements.
Once again, thank you for choosing Westside Village and we wish you the best of luck in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 814-234-1707 or [email protected].
Westside Village


Download security deposit return form

Download move-out guide

Download receipt of keys form