Submit requests through the ONLINE RESIDENT PORTAL

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE – Contact the office at 814-234-1707.

Emergencies May Include:
  • Severe water leaks, i.e. floods, toilet overflowing
  • Sewer back ups-If you are experience a sewer back-up you should immediately stop use of all water including dishwasher, shower, toilets, and sinks
  • No Heat- In the event that your heat stops working during normal business hours please contact our office immediately. If your heat stops working after hours please contact emergency maintenance.
During the winter months your thermostat must be kept at a minimum of 55 degrees. This will prevent pipes from freezing and breaking. If a pipe burst due to a thermostat being turned off, you will be held liable for the cost of the repairs. Also, during the winter months, please make sure your bed is pulled away from the heater and the areas around and under the heater are free of trash and debris. This is a fire hazard.




Loaner keys are available at the office for official tenants and subleasees with ID. Loaner keys must be returned before the end of the day.
AFTER HOURS: CALL 1-877-699-1819.
A $100.00 fee will be charged for an after-hours lockout for apartments and bedrooms alike. DO NOT KICK IN A DOOR; you will be held responsible for the replacement & repairs.

1. Clogged toilets—Invest in a plunger. Try to unclog your toilet before calling the office. You will be charged for our staff doing this for you.
2. Clogged drains—You will be charged for a clog if this was caused by anything put or dropped into it, including and not limited to: grease, hair, barrette, coffee grounds, hygiene products.
3. Light bulbs—As per the lease agreement, you need to keep all bulbs in working order and replace the bulbs when they burn out.
4. Smoke detector batteries—As per the lease agreement, you need to keep you smoke detector in operating condition at all times. If the detector starts beeping, it means that it needs a new battery. It is your responsibility to replace it.
5. Smoke detector missing—if we need to replace a smoke detector because it is missing you will be charged for it. If you are having some kind of problem (besides low battery) with it please let us know and we will be happy to help.
6. Fire extinguisher—They are fully charge and inspected prior to you moving in. This will be done again yearly. If they are discharged or missing you will be charged.
7. Miscellaneous—Any damage which is beyond normal wear and tear will be charged to tenants. This includes broken windows, holes in the wall, broken furniture, broken doors, broken blinds, damaged paint etc.